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Basic Service

ArcBest Corporate Relocation includes two types of liability coverage for your Basic relocation service. The first type of coverage is catastrophic liability which covers your items at $3.00 per pound per piece, subject to a maximum of $60,000 per trailer and $7,500 per ReloCube for these specific events only: trailer or ReloCube fire, trailer overturn, trailer collision, or complete trailer or ReloCube theft.

The second type of coverage is carrier negligence liability which covers your items at a minimum of $.10 per pound per piece for loss or damage caused by carrier negligence. The customer acknowledges that ArcBest Corporate Relocation's liability is limited in consideration of a lower rate than would otherwise be applicable and that additional coverage is available at a higher price. Approved Corporate accounts may receive additional coverage for no additional charge. Contact a ArcBest Corporate Relocation representative with any questions regarding your accounts specific level of coverage or options to purchase additional coverage for loss or damage due to carrier negligence.

Liability begins after your loaded trailer or ReloCube has been picked up at origin and ceases when the trailer or ReloCube has been tendered for unloading at destination. ArcBest Corporate Relocation is only responsible for damage caused by our negligence. Under the Basic Service option, ArcBest Corporate Relocation is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing or loading since these actions are completed by the customer. All loss and damage must be reported immediately. All claims must be within nine months of the date-of-delivery.

ArcBest Corporate Relocation recommends that all customers check with their homeowners' or renters' insurance agent. Many agents will create a "rider" or "floater" policy to cover your goods during transit.

Basic Plus Service

In addition to the Basic coverage, the Basic Plus service includes limited liability coverage which is based on the weight of the items and is multiplied by $.60 per pound. This covers damage caused by loading or unloading assistance while crew is onsite and must be notated at the time the damage occurs on the paperwork.

Premium Coverage

If both loading and unloading services are purchased, full value coverage is included in your estimate provided by ArcBest Corporate Relocation. Under this service, eligible items that are damaged or destroyed will be either repaired or replaced with items of like quality, or ArcBest Corporate Relocation may elect to reimburse the cash equivalent based on the age and condition of the damaged article. Articles claimed to be lost must be notated on the paperwork at the time of delivery.

If only loading or only unloading service is chosen (not both), your shipment qualifies for Released Value Coverage. Released Value Coverage offers basic protection that is based on the weight of the articles damaged and is multiplied by $0.60 per pound.

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