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Reasons You Did Not Receive Your Estimate

The biggest obstacle is spam filters. Due to the war on spam, there is an increasing problem of legitimate e-mails not reaching the recipient's account. Often, the e-mails are being marked as spam and automatically deleted. In other cases, they are sent to designated spam folders or junk mail folders.

If you have requested an estimate from ArcBest Corporate Relocation and did not receive a reply, the following solutions may help:

If you continue to have problems receiving your estimate, you may call ArcBest Corporate Relocation anytime at 800-940-9155.

After Business Hours
If you have requested an estimate during normal business hours, you should get a response within the hour. Otherwise, you can expect to be contacted the next business day. ArcBest Corporate Relocation business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 8:00pm Central time.

Incorrect E-mail Address
Are you sure you provided your correct e-mail address? If you think you might have made an error please call 800-940-9155.

Check your Junk Mail Folder
Check your junk mail folder or other folders that contain e-mails marked as spam (bulk, spam, etc). Your moving estimate might be there. You can add a rule to allow our e-mails to come to your account inbox. Each e-mail system is different and you might have to contact technical support to help you with this issue. (ArcBest Corporate Relocation will probably not be the only online company for which you have to do this.)

Add MoveBuilder as an Allowed E-mail Address
In many e-mail programs you can add a rule requesting that a specific e-mail not be filtered as spam. All initial estimates and resubmitted estimates come from All replies from customer responses will come from a ArcBest Corporate Relocation representative whose e-mail address ends with Also, there are some keywords that are specific to the estimate and not other spam messages, such as ArcBest Corporate Relocation, moving estimate, linear foot. Here are a few help pages to show you how to add ArcBest Corporate Relocation to your friends list.

Privacy Policy
In this time of increased spamming ArcBest Corporate Relocation understands why you might have reservations about making changes to your e-mail system to accommodate communications with you. Please read ArcBest Corporate Relocation's Privacy Policy to further understand ArcBest Corporate Relocation's stance and know that communications with you are only to conduct business for your upcoming move with ArcBest Corporate Relocation.


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