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Pack. Load. Move.

One of the best ways to ensure a successful corporate relocation is to pack and load your belongings safely and securely. If you're considering MoveBuilder Basic Service where you do the packing and loading yourself, these tips will help you get started.

Packing Tips

  • Strengthen the bottom of boxes with packing tape.
  • Pack each room into separate boxes. Label each box with what's inside, what room it belongs to, and "FRAGILE" if necessary.
  • Pack heavy items (like books) into small boxes. It will make them easier to carry to the trailer or container.
  • Pack items you don't use often first; pack items you use daily last.
  • Keep light-weight clothing and linens inside dresser drawers.
  • Disassemble items to reduce space used and to prevent them from scratching or puncturing other items.
  • Keep high-value and sentimental items with you during the move.
  • Protect furniture with moving blankets or padded paper.
  • Put sofa cushions, pillows, and stuffed animals in garbage bags to fill in open spaces inside the trailer or container.
  • Secure drawers with shrink wrap to keep them from opening during the move.
  • Use original boxes for packing electronics when you can.
  • Clean your appliances and let them air out at least 24 hours before moving.
  • Wrap dishes in packing paper or dish protectors to avoid damage during transit.
  • Please note we do not recommend the use of totes and/or plastic containers.

Loading Tips

  • Create an obstacle-free route from your home to the trailer or container outside to avoid stumbling over items that might get in the way.
  • If using a trailer, load the front first (nearest to the cab) and work your way back.
  • Load heavy items first. Put them against walls to distribute their weight evenly.
  • Load heavy items on the bottom and light items on the top.
  • Pack items high and tight to avoid shifting.
  • Secure large items with utility rope or ratchet straps, then tie off the entire load periodically throughout your shipment.
  • Put a tarp on the floor of the trailer or container, then cover your load with another tarp or plastic sheet to protect your belongings from moving dust and dirt.
  • Create multiple tiers 2'-3' in height as you load to the trailer ceiling. Make each tier easy to stack by "squaring" the load with moving boxes. Secure each tier with rope and straps.
  • Turn the sofa or loveseat on its end to save space.
  • Drain flammable fluids in gas-operated items (lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATVs, weed eaters, etc.).
  • Bend your knees when lifting heavy items. It's best to lift with your legs, not your back.
  • If using a dolly, make sure you can see over it by loading items no higher than chest-level.
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